Bigg Boss OTT Vote (Online Voting) – Results, How To Vote

Bigg Boss OTT aka Bigg Boss OTT Bigg Boss Voting has begun and people can vote via an online voting poll, or a missed call service, or via Vote App. Full details of Bigg Boss OTT can be found below. This is the 1st year for Bigg Boss OTT. With 1 votes per day available on a single Gmail account, spectators can use it to vote for their favorite contestant. Bigg Boss OTT host superstar Karan Johar will be announcing the eligible contestant based on the percentage of votes received. However, the final decision is with the management of Voot OTT. So this is an unofficial survey conducted by Indian News Live Team.

Bigg Boss OTT Vote Online

Bigg Boss OTT Voting Elimination Process: Housemates nominate elimination candidates every week. A person can nominate 2 participants, a nomination list is available online, and the public can use it to vote for their favorite contestant. A person with fewer votes or a lower percentage of votes is eliminated. You can vote for Bigg Boss OTT here but votes cast here will not be included in the official count. Bigg Boss OTT can be watched online on Voot. The full details of Bigg Boss OTT voting process are as follows.

Bigg Boss OTT Vote


Bigg Boss OTT  Vote – Public Opinion by Indiannewslive

Disclaimer: This survey / voting is not official. This is just public opinion in an unofficial poll conducted by Indian News Live Team and your votes do not count in the official poll conducted by Voot. Scroll down to vote for Bigg Boss OTT and vote.

Bigg Boss OTT Vote |
2146 votes

Bigg Boss OTT vote is a big hit and unforgettable because its host is amazing and legendary actor Karan Johar. Despite being busy with their newly known political party and future films, they decided to host BB OTT as it connects with audiences

Bigg Boss OTT Contestants list

  1. Divya Agarwal
  2. Ridhima Pandit
  3. Shamita Shetty
  4. Millind Gaba
  5. Karan Nath
  6. Zeeshan Khan
  7. Akshara Singh
  8. Pratik Sehajpal
  9. Urfi Javed
  10. Raqesh Bapat
  11. Moose Jattana
  12. Neha Bhasin
  13. Nishant Bhat

How to Vote Bigg Boss OTT on Voot?

The following process follows the Bigg Boss OTT vote in Wood.

  • Download Voot Android or iOS App from Google Play Store / App Store.
  • Go to the Google Play Store / App Store and find Woot.
  • Download the first app shown
  • Open the Voot app.
  • Create an account or sign in with Google or Facebook instant login.
  • Write Bigg Boss OTT voting on search bar.
  • The nominated contestants are shown with pictures.
  • Select your favorite contestant and press the Submit button.
  • Done, your vote has been submitted.

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